Thermal Imaging: How to Buy & Apply

//Thermal Imaging: How to Buy & Apply
Thermal Imaging: How to Buy & Apply2020-07-17T10:52:28-04:00

Project Description

Course Overview

In many departments across the US, we have seen a common problem. Many departments are purchasing their thermal imaging cameras strictly based off of a sales presentation or from a recommendation from another department. And sadly, in many cases the purchasing department ends up disappointed in the performance of the TIC they purchased.

Where does one go for credible, unbiased, and factual data about thermal imaging cameras and their performance on the fire ground?

Where does one find research, statistics, and spreadsheets comparing Fire Service Thermal Imaging Cameras side by side, so they can make an informed decision based on their budget, needs, and training?

How does a department decide and test their top picks of thermal imaging cameras and what are they looking for?

We offer the solution! An 8 hour training offering that covers the important attributes of thermal imaging, a needs assessment guide, and a performance metric on how to test, decide, and implement these valuable tools into their department.  This course is not a sales presentation and is not backed by a particular manufacturer. By the end of the day, the participant will leave with the tools to make an informed decision based on the training they have received and will be satisfied with the outcome of their hard work.

Participants Will Recieve:

  • A course manual (either PDF or electronic offering) with the course information, presentation, needs assessment, and performance metrics to assist them with making the best decision for their organization.
  • Dropbox Folder Access to Thermal Imaging Curriculum, training, and further resources

Download Course Flyer:

Course flyer download: Thermal Imaging-How to Buy & Apply

Course Details

An 8 hour training course (1/2 day classroom ½ day live fire or live fire demonstration) that clarifies the confusing concepts and definitions allowing the fire department to make an informed and educated decision on thermal imaging that works for their organization and not a sales presentation.

Subjects Covered

The two main types of fire service TIC’s will be covered and explained from an application viewpoint. Participants will learn the key attributes of thermal imaging and how that affects the TIC’s ability to view the environment. Participants will then learn the language of the TIC, the differences in various current models, and view demonstrations/videos of these models.

Course Requirments

  • This training requires a large classroom
    with display monitor or projector
  •  This training requires a burn building or shipping container to demonstrate certain key concepts
    for the participants to view in live fire conditions.
  •  This training requires a minimum of 3 of our instructors to provide adequate instruction

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