Tactical Thermal Imaging: Enhancing Fire Ground Strategies & Tactics (8 hour course offering)

//Tactical Thermal Imaging: Enhancing Fire Ground Strategies & Tactics (8 hour course offering)
Tactical Thermal Imaging: Enhancing Fire Ground Strategies & Tactics (8 hour course offering)2018-08-12T22:15:46-04:00

Project Description

Today’s modern fire ground places stringent demands on our firefighters. We are required to formulate our strategies and tactics at 15 times the speed as we did in the past due to the high heat release rate fuels in structure fires. These fires develop faster and are predominantly ventilation limited fires with heavy, turbulent, black smoke that reduces our visibility. Tactical Thermal Imaging enhances a firefighter’s decision-making skill set by providing thermal data.

Course Overview

Course Details-This data allows firefighters to:

  • Quickly locate the location & severity of the fire
  • Locate tough hidden fires via thermal cues & clues
  • Identify the flow path and the fires direction of travel
  • Determine the most efficient access path & prevent rapid fire development
  • Enhances stream placement by placing our streams where they are needed most

Subjects Covered: Students who participate in this training will receive a classroom portion covering the key attributes of thermal imaging, contraindications of thermal imaging, the aforementioned skill sets, and additional uses of tactical thermal imaging. Tactical 360

  • Identifying Flow Path, Fire Direction of travel, and Access points
  • Go/No-Go Decision Making
  • Enhanced Stream Placement
  • Enhanced Search Methodology

Course Requirements:This program includes the following: a comprehensive organizational instructional manual customized to the organization’s needs (printing costs are covered by the host organization or Insight Training LLC can provide manuals at $50/manual), program customized to their thermal imaging camera, and polices/procedures. A customized drop box with additional resources available to the organization at no charge for future use. One post evaluation/follow-up online coaching session per year (indefinitely) at no additional cost to assist with implementation, technical issues, etc.

  • This program is a thermography-based curriculum custom designed for firefighters by Level I Thermography Certified Instructor in experientially relevant ways that any firefighter can understand and use immediately upon completion of the course.
  • This program has been shared in 34 states, 4 countries, published in Euro Firefighter 2 by Dr. Paul Grimwood and is has been incorporated into an international curriculum through a cooperative project between the US and Canada known as From Knowledge to Practice Fire Dynamics Course and can be viewed free of charge here: https://firedynamicstraining.com/course-content/

This 8-hour course is available for $2000/day plus expenses (travel and lodging are not included). A 20% deposit must be paid to secure the date.

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